State of the Zone Union 2013

Dec 27, 2012 -- 1:09pm

Last Friday on the Louie Belina Show, I held shared our line-up changes for 2013.  Many people forgot to take notes and share them with their friends.  Shame on you.  Here is the quick version of the plans for SportsRadio 1150:

1.  Shows going away:  Mike&Mike, Jim Rome, Fox Sports Radio

2.  New to Sportsradio 1150:  CBS SportsRadio on Weeknights and Weekends (M-F from 6p-5am and 24/7 on weekends).  T.B.D. morning show from CBS SportsRadio.  T is for Tiki Barber former NFL player, B is for talk show host Brandon Tierney, and D is for Dana Jacobsen formerly of ESPN. 

3.  Moving. The Louie Belina Show will be from 11a-2p.  We have offered TexAgs Radio to take the 8am hour and become 8a-11a.

4.  If a show is not listed or mentioned, there are no plans to make any changes to it at this time.

5.  We are working on 2 options for 2p-4p.  One is a local options, one is a national option.

Many changes, all to make for a better sports talk experience for you through out the day.


Louie B. - PD


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