Why A&M Will Be a Factor In 2012

Sep 17, 2012 -- 4:47pm

After giving up a second half lead to Florida two weeks ago, Aggie fans everywhere started to get that old familiar feeling. The kind that makes you want to turn off the lights, break out the bottle of Jack Daniels and listen to old George Jones albums. And after last year’s breakdown, who can blame them?

The Aggie’s entered 2011 with so much hope and promise, only to squander the lead in 5 games and finish the season with a 7 and 6 record. This led to the termination of coach Mike Sherman and left a lot of the 12thman shaking their heads. But after watching the first two games of 2012, it’s obvious that this is not last year’s team. This team is much, much better, and I’ll give you four simple reasons why.

Reason #1: Everybody loves an underdog.

It seems like teams always have the best seasons when the fans expect the LEAST. That's not to say that Aggie fans are okay with losing, oh no, but it seems to be the general consensus that 2012 is a re-building year, and that bumps in the road are to be expected. That is why 2012 is the perfect time for the Aggies to pull off a great season. If I had a nickel for every time a visor-wearing, boat shoe-sporting, jerk with a Justin Bieber haircut told me that A&M couldn’t hack it in the SEC, well…..I’d have a boat load of nickels. Needless to say, the best time to catch the enemy is when they’re least expecting it. When other teams are busy focusing on the Alabama’s and the LSU’s of the world, A&M can slip right in and knock off a few of the big dogs. It’s slight-of-hand really. Pay too much attention to what’s happening on your right, and you’ll never see it when someone comes over and smacks you on your left.

Reason #2:  A change we can believe in.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Mike Sherman is an all-around great guy and a good football mind. But does anybody else think it’s nice when Kevin Sumlin acts, I don’t know… upset? For all of last year, Aggie fans were forced to watch their team melt away in the second half only to see their coach standing on the sideline saying nothing. Not that Mike Sherman didn’t want to win, but his actions during the game reflected those of a disapproving grandpa.  When you’re coaching in front of one of the best fan bases in the country, how can you not get a little excited?  It seems that football plays off emotion more than any other sport, and if your coach isn't jacked up, why should you be? That is why I’m voting for Kevin Sumlin in 2012.

Reason #3: Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel has been off to a great start this season, playing solidly in the Florida game and terrifically in the SMU game. Granted, it’s SMU; they really haven’t been all that great since someone told them paying players was wrong, but they’re still a Division 1 team.  Manziel has proven that he can hang with the big boys as a redshirt freshman, and the Aggies have him, Trey Williams and Mike Evans to look forward to in the next three or four years. Hopefully, Manziel’s little hiccup with the law this past summer is behind him and he can focus on making A&M a winner over the next four years.

Reason #4: Home Field Advantage

Granted, I’m a little biased having gone to A&M (fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2012, whoop!) but there are many people around the country who would agree with me when I say that the Aggies have one of the best fan bases in all of College Football. We have tradition, and a tradition for tradition, and it’s one of the things that make the school great. I believe that the 12thman can truly make a difference on the field (anybody remember the Nebraska game?) and can play a big role in the Aggie’s success going into the SEC. And believe me, when teams like Arkansas and LSU come to town, you want to go to the game. If nothing else, just to hear them talk.


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