The Times They Are A-Changin' For Me and Tony Romo

Oct 31, 2012 -- 2:18pm

Earlier in the year, I began writing a blog defending Tony Romo against the naysayers and folks out there who continuously blame him for the Cowboys woes. I’ve always made the point that it takes more than just a QB to lead a team to a Super Bowl, and I've tried be more open-minded and slow to judge. But as Romo and the Cowboys continue to sink lower and lower, I can’t help but think that maybe I've had the wrong mindset.

This season, it has become all too familiar for Cowboys' fans to see their team put together a long, productive drive only to have it end with an interception and/or a turnover. The camera then pans to Tony Romo, who is walking off the field and shaking his head because somebody blew a route (Chicago game, Giants’ game, pretty much every game).

It seems that Dez Bryant is the usual suspect, so if someone needs to tuck him in and read the playbook like it’s a bed-time story, then by all means, do it. But Romo's communication problems have not been limited to just Bryant. Kevin Ogletree, a man who looked poised for a break-out season in Game 1 against the Giants, has been in the middle if several communicative break-downs between himself and the QB (as well as the interception he gave away in the game against the Bears).Miles ‘Smiles’ Austin, a guy who has been with the Cowboys since 2006 and shared the same offensive coordinator as Romo since 2007, has gotten mixed and matched signals as well.

Granted, nobody's perfect, but when you have that many problems with that many different receivers, you can't help but look at the common denominator. That’s Tony Romo.

I'm not giving up on Romo and the ‘Boys just yet, but someone should give them a good kick in the pants to get them to playing at the level they’re capable of. For the Cowboys to be 3 and 4 with such big talent (and such a big payroll) is embarrassing. It's very difficult for America to root for America's team when all they see is a bunch of under-achieving millionaire’s year after year.                                            

Hopefully this team will get back on track in time to make a run at the postseason. But you can't help but think that if the Cowboys fall short again this year, some heads will be rolling in the off-season. 


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