New Unis, New Outlook

Nov 05, 2012 -- 4:29pm

Was anyone else excited to see the new black uniforms A&M was sporting against Mississippi State? The way that Kevin Sumlin gave the “proverbial middle-finger” to the Bulldogs (who were wearing their all-white to commemorate the 2000 Snow Bowl win) was a nice little under-tone to the match-up. And in a long, tough season, it’s important to shake things up and get your players excited to hit the field.

Not everybody was happy with the new jerseys. I heard things from “A&M has, and always will be maroon and white!” to “we look like Tech!”

Ok, we DID NOT look like Tech (who also sported a ‘Lone Star’ themed jersey for their game against Texas. Gross.) and Adidas stuck to the same scheme as all the other uniforms, just with something a little different. 

And the helmets with the State of Texas outline? Those were SICK!

Others made the arguments that, much like the Cowboys, the Aggies hardly ever win in alternate uniforms (Arkansas...every year at Jerry World). Fortunately, the Ags did win, and we can put all that anxiety behind us.

It was the first time in 80 years that the Ags have worn anything but maroon or white, and I for one thought it was a nice change of pace. Maroon and white have, and always will be, A&M's colors, but in a year that has seen the Aggies in a new conference, with a new head coach and a new outlook, why not have new uniforms as well! 


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