I Want It In Ink!

Feb 05, 2013 -- 3:40pm

Chalk it up to youth or blame it on stupidity, but Reuben Foster, the nation's No.1 inside linebacker recruit, has chosen to play at the University of Alabama.

No, I’m not saying Foster’s choice to play for the Crimson Tide is stupid. It’s what he did BEFORE his decision that baffles me.

Foster, who lives in Auburn, Al. had originally committed to Alabama two years ago before decommitting this past July and pledging himself to rival Auburn.

To celebrate the decision of playing for his hometown team, Foster promptly went out and got a tattoo of the Auburn logo on his right arm. Beautiful, right?


But, after the Tigers went 3 and 9 this past season and Gene Chizik was given the boot, Foster changed his mind, decommiting from Auburn and once again picking the Tide. Ugh oh.

The moral of the story is this kids…DON”T PUT CRAP ON YOUR BODY THAT YOU WOULDN’T WANT THERE FOREVER. Think before you act! Reuben Foster is now going off to Tuscaloosa with the school’s arch-rival tattooed on his arm, and that can’t bode well for Alabama’s image.

I’m sure that Nick Saban and ‘Bama fans will welcome Foster with open arms anyways, but what a bad piece of PR. I can see it now. Three years down the road, confetti is falling as Foster hoists up the championship trophy. The camera pans in, and, right there, as big as day, is the Auburn logo. Dumb.

This kind of absentmindedness goes hand in hand with those people who get tattoos of a significant other’s name. You may think that you and “schnookums” will be together for eternity, but stuff happens in the future that you can’t foresee. Attitudes change, people cheat and folks get fat. It’s life. Don’t set yourself up for failure with a tattoo. People (and colleges) in your life may come and go, but that monstrosity of a tattoo on your arm will be there forever.

(Here's looking at you Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey)


And these aren't significant other tattoos. They're just stupid.



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