Air Guitar: America's Next Greatest Sport?

Feb 12, 2013 -- 3:33pm

As I was watching Sunday’s premiere of ‘Walking Dead’, a Dr. Pepper commercial came on, one of those, “I am one” things they like to push. It featured a man named Justin ‘Nordic Thunder’ Howard, a loin-cloth wearing, Air Guitar World Champion….Wait, what? Yeah, an AIR GUITAR champion.

Not only was I unaware there were actual air guitar competitions, but the world champion of this thing is an American (another great trophy for the Red, White and Blue to put up on our mantelpiece). So, out of curiosity, I looked this cat up on Youtube. Turns out, the guy is more athletic than a lot of professional athletes (I’m looking at you, John Daly).

Now, you might not consider air guitar to be an actual ‘sport’ or ‘talent’, but you’ve got to give it to him, the guy puts all he’s got into it. Check it out. 

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