2012-2013 Aggie Men's Basketball: A Jekyll and Hyde Story

Feb 14, 2013 -- 4:49pm

Aggie men’s basketball has been a real “Jekyll and Hyde” kind of story this year. The Ags have beaten some of the best teams in the SEC (Kentucky, Missouri, Ole Miss), and lost to some of the worst (Georgia, LSU). Elston Turner has shown he can be one of the premiere players in the conference, having put up great performances against Kentucky (40 points) and Ole Miss (37). But his shooting has grown cold at times, rendering him almost invisible on the floor.

Now, that’s not so much a fault with Elston’s play as it is with defenses honing in on him and forcing other players to step up.

That’s where Fabyon Harris comes in. Harris ranks second on the team in scoring (11.5/game) and second on the squad in minutes (28.8/game). However, the growing pains from JUCO to D-1 basketball have been evident; hurdles Coach Billy Kennedy undoubtedly foresaw when he signed him.

One of the things most stressed by Coach this season has been the importance of depth. While A&M is playing 7 and 8 guys, other teams are able to play 9 and 10, a statistic that is all-too important at this time of the season.

The bottom line is, the Aggies can, and will be, winners. Maybe not this year, although there is still a lot of ball left to play, but certainly in the future. The team is still young (only 3 seniors), and the spark the young players have shown this season has been a real positive.  And remember, because of his diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease last year, this is Coach Kennedy’s first full -season at the helm.

Although the departure of Elston and Ray Turner, as well as Jarod Jahns will be a great loss, I truly believe the Aggies will be a better all-around team next year. Coach Kennedy will work the team hard in the off-season, bring in more players for depth, and young guys like J’Mychal Reese and Alex Caruso will be better prepared for a run at the NCAA Tournament.



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