Varsity Athlete of The Month


Each week, we will feature two (one male, one female) varsity athletes from Rudder, A&M Consolidated, Bryan and College Station high.  The first week of each month, we’ll open the polls for you to vote on who you think is the most deserving to be featured as our Varsity Athlete of the Month!

The winner will earn $100 towards their school’s general scholarship fund. 


Here are your January 2019 nominees so far:
Jaylen Harrison
A&M Consolidated, basketball
Victoria Sheffield
A&M Consolidated, basketball
JaMarcus Thomas
Bryan, wrestling
Selah Pilkington
Bryan, swimming
Truce Tumlinson
College Station, powerlifting
Athena Polymenis
College Station, powerlifting
KJ Cunningham
Rudder, basketball
Courtney Batiste
Rudder, wrestling

Next Voting will open February 4, 2019

How to nominate?  Athletes can be nominated by a school’s Athletic Director, Bryan Broadcasting or by listener emails.  Send your VARSITY nominee to with the athletes name, year, school, sport and a short reason for the nomination. We must be able to verify the athlete is on a varsity roster.  Students must be from Bryan, Rudder, A&M Consolidated or College Station.


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