Aaron Rodgers, Why You Mad?: Unchecked

Aaron Rodgers, Why You Mad?: Unchecked

The Green Bay Packers have not failed Aaron Rodgers.

What is why you mad for 500 Aaron? I seriously don’t get it. Aaron Rodgers has nothing to be upset about. 

Ok, the Packers drafted his possible replacement last year rather than adding more to the roster. In the moment if that bothered him…I completely and fully understand. But now, fresh off an MVP and an NFC Championship appearance where he had the ball in his hands several times with a chance to change the outcome and didn’t? Not so much. 

This isn’t a situation where Rodgers was let down by the team around him. The Packers defense was the only one that gave Tom Brady any trouble en route to his seventh Super Bowl and Rodgers is protected by a top flight left tackle, has support from an excellent rushing attack and is throwing to arguably the best wide receiver in the game in Davante Adams. And aside from what you think of the Jordan Love pick, Green Bay has drafted well. 

Don’t get me wrong, this is not some takedown of Rodgers. The guy is inarguably an elite and all-time great quarterback. But his franchise has also put him in position to succeed. I’m old enough to remember when Mike McCarthy was supposedly his problem. If Rodgers wants to play somewhere else, fine. That’s his prerogative. Or if this is all part of a contract negotiation, we’ve seen those play out publicly before. I just don’t buy the notion that the organization has somehow failed him

My response to that would be to quote Rodgers himself, “relax”. Because as far as this particular situation goes, it certainly seems like the category is whining to me.

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