Chris Paul Deserves His Moment in the Sun: Unchecked

Chris Paul Deserves His Moment in the Sun: Unchecked

At age 36, Chris Paul is in the midst of the most impressive chapter of his career.

Chris Paul said he was written off, but instead, he’s written the most impressive chapter of his career. And now it’s hard to imagine anyone not rooting for CP3 in some way.

Paul worked the broom from the right elbow in sweeping the Nuggets and has the Suns just one series away from the NBA Finals and ending his time as the best player to never set foot on that stage.

It seems fairly clear this will be his best chance at finally winning the championship, however, he’s already proven himself to be a winner whether he gets a ring or not. I’ll admit, I didn’t think he had an encore to what he did last season with the Thunder in him, yet once again the team he’s taken the floor for has exceeded expectations.

Mainly because he’s exceeded what could reasonably be expected from someone at his age, especially at his size.

Paul did become the oldest player ever to average 25 points and 10 assists in a playoff series after all. He’s also now the oldest player to score at least 35 in a closeout game and the oldest guard in NBA history to outscore his age in a postseason contest. I think you get the point. We know he certainly does.

And as long as he’s at the point for Phoenix, that team may get its moment in the sun. Because at 36, the only numbers that really seem to matter right now are Suns in 4 and CP3.

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