Olympics to Allow Babies of Breastfeeding Athletes to be at Tokyo Games

Olympics to Allow Babies of Breastfeeding Athletes to be at Tokyo Games

Olympic organizers have amended their policy regarding the attendance of family members at the Tokyo Games.

Olympic organizers announced Wednesday they will allow the babies of breastfeeding mothers to attend the Summer Games in Tokyo in July.

Wednesday’s announcement marks an update on the previous policy regarding family members at the Olympics. There are no international guests allowed at the Tokyo Games, including both friends and family members. 

“Given that the Tokyo 2020 Games will take place during a pandemic, overall we must unfortunately decline to permit athletes’ family members or other companions to accompany them to the Games,” Tokyo 2020 organizers told Reuters. “However, after careful consideration of the unique situation facing athletes with nursing children, we are pleased to confirm that, when necessary, nursing children will be able to accompany athletes to Japan.”

Numerous athletes appearing in the upcoming Olympics spoke out against the organizing committee’s original stance banning all family members in recent weeks. 

U.S. marathoner Aliphine Tuliamuk petitioned Olympic organizers in an effort to bring her 4-month-old daughter, Zoe. USWNT star Alex Morgan hoped to bring her daughter, Charlie.

“I’m just still very hopeful that I’ll have my daughter with me,” Morgan told reporters in May. “It’s important to allow mothers the option to have their kids with them when they compete. If a child is under 1 or 2, they might still be breastfeeding, so that’s a huge piece of it.”

Athletes with babies present will stay in approved hotels outside the Olympic village during the Tokyo Games, per NBC. The IOC said Wednesday it is “very pleased to hear that the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee has found a special solution,” for nursing mothers at the Olympic Games. 

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