‘Pathetic, It’s Just Pathetic.’ MLB Broadcaster Completely Destroys League Over Instant Replay: TRAINA THOUGHTS

‘Pathetic, It’s Just Pathetic.’ MLB Broadcaster Completely Destroys League Over Instant Replay: TRAINA THOUGHTS

He says instant replay is “just pathetic” after blown call.

1. But how do you really feel, Gary Cohen?

It’s not often a play-by-play man will drop the hammer on a league directly and ruthlessly, but Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen had enough of instant replay in Major League Baseball and let it rip Tuesday night.

After the first base umpire in the Mets-Orioles game blew a call at first base, the replay crew then blew the call again after taking a long look at the video.

Cohen’s anger was twofold. His disgust started with how long it was taking the umpires to review the play, in which Baltimore’s Ryan Mountcastle was called safe on the back end of double play even though he was out.

“These are the ones that just make you tear whatever hair you have left out. There’s just no reason for this to be taking so long. They’re worried about pace of play? Nothing slows down the pace of play more than this.”

Well, that was just the appetizer. Once the umps confirmed the safe call, Cohen gave us the main course.

“They take so much time and they get it wrong. I just don’t understand. How can that be? What is the point in having review if they don’t even get the calls right? It’s pathetic. It’s just pathetic. Just take the whole system and throw it in the garbage. … It’s a joke. It’s a total and utter joke.”

Here’s what made Cohen’s message so effective. He didn’t yell, he didn’t go crazy, no histrionics. He kept his voice at the same level at all times and just used his words and tone to make his point.

Of course, it’s a tiny bit easier for a baseball broadcaster to get away with crushing the league like this. MLB doesn’t quite have the kind of power over its televised universe that, say, football does. Imagine an NFL announcer saying those exact words on a telecast? Roger Goodell would drop the guillotine on that person in a heartbeat.

But still, props to Cohen for not pulling any punches.

2. Just look at where this Shohei Ohtani home run landed Tuesday night.

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5. This is an outstanding tweet.

6. The latest Sports Illustrated Media Podcast features two guests.

First up is ESPN’s Doris Burke. The NBA analyst discusses the disturbing trend of disgusting fan behavior at games, whether the fans are too close to the players and how this was a concern for David Stern. Burke also talks about her experience with COVID-19 and having symptoms for nine months. Other topics discussed include whether the Nets are about to prove the NBA regular season is meaningless, whether calling the Finals on television is a goal for her, still feeling resistance from men who don’t want women broadcasting sports and much more.

Following Burke, Giants third baseman Evan Longoria joins the podcast to share his thoughts on Major League Baseball’s unwritten rules. Do any unwritten rules make sense? Is throwing at a player rational retaliation? How do players feel about unwritten rules? Longoria also talks about getting into the trading card craze during the pandemic and what he enjoys about the hobby.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on AppleSpotify or Stitcher.

You can also watch the SI Media Podcast on YouTube.

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